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    Body Tightening

    Sometimes, the body faces obstacles when trying to get rid of stubborn fat areas, such as love handles, abdomen, and more. Our Body Tightening treatment aims to tighten your skin in any area and contour your body to the vision you have in mind. 
    The treatment uses heat and radio frequency waves to tighten the skin and dissolve fat cells. It is safe for all skin and body types, and when done in a series of treatments, extremely effective. 
    By combining high-energy radio shockwaves and radio frequencies, the skin contracts while fat cells shrink with heat and eventually die. To further enhance the results, the addition of high-energy radial shockwaves can produce more elastic skin with fast and apparent results.
    Is the treatment comfortable?Some mild discomfort may occur, however, it is usually reported to be painless. The intensity of the heat varies from person to person.


    For those who want to firm and shape up the body.