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Call Us +65 6910 8860 WhatsApp +65 9191 2224


    Toned Abs Firm Butt

    Experience the revolutionary new way of shaping up! We have created an innovative way to get you muscled and toned in our Medispa.
    Our treatment uses a technology that simultaneously combines Focused Electromagnetic energy with Selective High-Intensity Neurostimulation to build muscles and burn excess fats.
    It is designed and engineered to enable a wide range of different treatments for customisation in slimming, skin tightening and body shaping to achieve prominent results.
    It produces the same muscle wasting, metabolic disturbance and caloric consumption as several hours of training in the gym, helping to achieve a toned appearance in comfortable sessions of just 25 minutes.
    This treatment leads to permanent and fast:● Weight and inch loss● Muscle toning● Muscle building● Rehabilitation● Cellulite reduction● Buttock lifting ● Rejuvenation 


    For those who has sagging skin on tummy and butt area.