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    Cool BodyFat Destruction

    The human body can be stubborn to change even with exercise and diet. Our Cool Body Fat Destruction treatment can help you to achieve your dream body without any surgical procedures and with minimal downtime.
    Known as Cryolipolysis, this fat freezing method uses extremely cold temperatures for the destruction of fat calls. It is a newly developed scientific contouring treatment that reduces body bulges by breaking the fat cells under the skin, causing a long-lasting and significant outcome.
    Results can be optimised by adding high-energy radial shockwaves, which have been scientifically proven to stimulate collagen formation. This causes the skin to become more elastic, with visible firmness after only a few treatments.
    With Cryolipolysis alone, fat in treated areas can be reduced by 20-25%. With a combination of the shockwaves, results are bumped up 8-10%, reducing fat by 28-35%.


    For those with unwanted fats on tummy, arms and thighs